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There is another known QA issue with the repops: the shaft breaks; greatly reducing the efficacy of the pump and not very nice to your radiator either. 

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Thank you appreciate your input and no don’t have the original unit. 
Have now found the invoice and pump was bought in 2004 but car has done less than 1200 miles since then ... grrr ! 
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Hi Roger, 
If the pump on your car is indeed a recent replacement it is very likely, based upon my experience with the currently available BJ8 pumps, that the bearing has failed. 
Having disassembled a few of these repop pumps that have been sent to me as "original cores" I can confirm that these are very poorly made and it is amazing that they operate at all. 
There is no facility for lubricating the bearing as it is a sealed unit. 
If you have the original that was removed from your engine I would strongly recommend having it rebuilt or rebuilding it yourself as they are of far superior design and when correctly rebuilt last for decades. 
Rebuilding instructions are here and I can supply a kit containing the correct parts for $68.65 including US tracked shipping although I am out of the country at present and would not be able to get one on its way until after 19 Mar. 
Michael S 
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I have identified that my BJ8 water pump is noisy. 
First thought that it was the fan (bad at certain RPM) but after removing the belt it squeaks when rotated. 
Looking at my drivers handbook, a lube point is shown. 
However mine does not have one, only a small rectangular hole at the top and bottom that I think is for removing the bearing retaining clip....? 
Noise sounds to me like a dry bearing. Is there any way to lubricate it in situ ?? 
There is no lateral or longitudinal bearing play and the pump is supposedly quite new per PO but not been used much. 
Any ideas ? –or do I just bite the bullet and pull it and get a replacement; I note bearings are over 70% of cost of complete pump. 

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