[Healeys] Electrical Problems start with all connections

Robert F. Begani rfbegani at speakeasy.net
Fri Feb 20 22:53:30 MST 2015

Further to Len's comments on the battery connections, I suggest
disconnecting and cleaning all electrical connections.  The biggest problems
with weak batteries and hard starting is with the grounds and the
connections.  In my 20 year old sailboat with a diesel engine, it was slowly
giving me problems with starting.  Everyone said need newer and bigger
batteries or 3 batteries, or Optimum batteries.  I just got a nice set of
Stainless Steel mini brushes for my Demel at Harbor Freight and started at
the ground on the engine taking the terminals off, wire brushing the stud,
the terminals, and replacing.  Then to the solenoid on the starter all the
way to the ignition switch.  At the same time I replaced several automotive
terminals with marine water proof terminals which have been installed by
previous owners.  Marine connectors are tinned to reduce corrosion in a
marine environment and have heat shrink connections to the wires which are
also tinned.  No more hard starting problems, batteries always charged after
short trips out to the harbor to go sailing for a few hours and motor back.
Check all the wiring connections throughout the system especially the
grounds first. By the way, an automotive repair friend recommends using a
bolt on the bell housing and a #10 wire to use as the engine ground for
additional security on older vehicles instead of engine block.


Bob Begani


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