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John Spaur jmsdarch at sbcglobal.net
Thu Feb 19 20:53:54 MST 2015

I could not start the Healey recently. It was acting like a dead battery
because the starter would not turn the engine over. I think it is because
the Bendix spring on the starter had broken but I started trouble shooting
the electrical system and now I have some questions.


The battery voltage was reading around 12.64 volts. After charging the
battery it read 13.06 volts. After driving for 30 minutes the battery
voltage had dropped down to 12.76 volts or so.


What should the voltage read on a 12V battery that is about 2 years old with
monthly driving after a short drive?


The specs. state the maximum output for the generator is 13.5 volts at
1,700-1,900 r.p.m. I cannot test my generator right now, but should I expect
to read 13.5 volts when I test my rebuilt generator?


Can I read the voltage output of the generator at the battery terminals
while the car is running?


To test the output of the generator the shop manual says to disconnect the
cables from the generator and to connect the terminals with a short piece of
wire. I presume it means to connect the terminals on the generator. Is that


Electrical work is not my strong point. Many thanks for any help.


John Spaur

'62 BT7



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