[Healeys] 1048 Sprite Cylinder Head Question

Jonas Payne jpaynepbr at cox.net
Thu Feb 19 09:18:45 MST 2015

A club member has the head off of his 1048 CC Sprite and it needs to be
trued up.


He is considering having it decked to raise the compression a bit.  This
does wonders on TR heads provided you don't go to far.  A bump to 9.25 :1 in
a TR6 is transformative.


There seems to be some mixed reactions about doing it on these ones, so I
figured I'd put it out to the list.





Jonas Payne

PBR Consulting Services, LLC



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Hi Patrick,
    The $1795.00 price shown in magazine advertisements was POE (Port of
Entry).  When I bought 
my Sprite (new) in 1960 in California, the base price was $1830.00,
presumably transportation 
cost added in.
        Added accessories were:
            Heater                    $60.00
            Tachometer          $30.00
            W/Washers           $15.00
            Tonneau                 $25.00   
            Sliding windows    $20.00
            Guards (bumper)   $30.00
            Sales tax                 $60.30   
            License Fee 1960  $24.00
            Total                        $2094.30

I just read this off the original invoice -- yes, I still have it, as well
as the Sprite.
Present value?  Don't know...

Robert Hughes
1965 BJ8
1960 AN5

On 2/18/2015 9:38 PM, Patrick & Caroline Quinn wrote: 



I am writing a short article on the Sprite Mk1 that needs to include
original sale price and today's prices.


Would someone know the original sale price when the Bugeye was first
released in the US and where I can find what the cars are currently


Many thanks


Patrick Quinn

Blue Mountains, Australia



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