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Rinus, I appreciate and thank you for your information, and I apologize to all if my earlier post had some incorrect statements.

When the effort to establish a Healey Museum at VIR was going on, I was in contact with some of the principals of that effort.  When it became clear that the VIR museum was not going to happen, I had a discussion with someone involved in the abortive effort who told me what had happened.  I think it was only a few months later that it was announced that there would be a Healey museum in The Netherlands.  I thought I was told that the effort to create a museum was being transferred to The Netherlands, but that may have been only an assumption on my part due to the timing of the demise of the VIR museum and the announcement of the museum in The Netherlands.


If the first of the three 4000s (the ex-Cox car, and the prototype) was created by widening a standard BJ8 body (one of the 17,712 BJ8 chassis built?), and if the original body number of that car can be determined I would very much like to know what it is.  


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I read several errors in the previous posts about the 4000

There are three 4000 in existence  and one replica built by three friends in England in the 70s on a 100/6 chassis. This car is owned by a Healey enthusiast and lives in Belgium


The green car that belonged to the Cox family is factory build on a original BJ8 chassis that is widened by 6” in the middle.


After the design was approved there where six chassis made with the right dimensions. They started to build two cars leaving four chassis unused. When the whole project was canceled and the production stopped those two cars were not ready and DMH bought these two cars privatly and brought them over to Trebah where he lived.

DMH together with Roger Menadue finished these two cars, one was sold and they kept one. Bic used this car from time to time.


The Cox car was sold to Hans van de Kerkhof in the Netherlands and is now on lone to the Healey Museum in the Netherlands


The White car that was bought  from Arthur Carter by Alan Casavan for the Museum in the USA  was sold to Daniel Slatter. Although it was for sale in Germany it is as far as we know still owned by him.


The Roland car in Australia was involved in a bad accident and one of the remaining four chassis was used to restore this care. In resent years the car has been restored and got his original O.E. White colour back.


The  three remaining chassis are still known and one of them has in the meantime been built up as a rolling chassis with one off the special designed twin cam RR engines. (Whole new story)


In the Healey Museum we have the whole story with all the 4000 RR Factory paperwork.


I also want to mention that the previous message that the USA Museum has moved  to the Netherlands is wrong.

The Museum in the Netherlands has nothing to do with the previous attempt to establish the Healey Museum in the USA.


All the material that Alan Casavant collected was sold to a private person and is now locked away for the Healey world.

No items or persons from the “USA Museum” are connected or found there way to the Museum in the Netherlands.


On behalve of the Healey Museum,


info at healeymuseum.nl  



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