[Healeys] Tecalemit Grease Gun - cork replacement.

Wwycoffbn7 at aol.com Wwycoffbn7 at aol.com
Sun Feb 15 14:04:09 MST 2015

The cork in the toolkit's Tecalemit No 3020 grease gun needs to be  
It does not look like a big deal:  unscrew the lower spring off the  
plunger shaft, deburr the shaft to allow the removal of the two washers and  what 
is left of the cork.  
Drill a hole in a fairly closely sized new cork with Dremel tool.   
Reassemble.  I have not found appropriately sized corks with holes as  yet.  
It may be better to Key the retaining washers with a Dremel tool, leaving  
the original burrs on the shaft.
This is pretty trivial, but if anyone has any insights, they would be  
Best Regards,
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