[Healeys] follow up on emails of buyers

Graeme Molony molony at dodo.com.au
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Not sure where you got your information from regarding the Rolls Healey 4000 
imported from North Carolina into Australia as to my knowledge there were 
only 3 ever
constructed with 2 still in England and one here in Australia

Unless another one has been imported recently the car restored by The Healey 
for the owners brother back in 2011/12 was originally imported into 
Australia by Steve Pike
of Marsh Classic Restorations in 1974 from the United Kingdom and has had 
only two
subsequent owners including Peter Rowland. Details of this car and its 
recent restoration
appear in an article in my local clubs magazine 'Hundreds and Thousands' in 
July 2012

You will all know Steve from his Streamliner project car and his appearances 
at Bonneville
and more recently for his restoration of one of the original 100S - NOJ 393 
which to my
knowledge is still the most expensive Healey ever sold.

While there have been a large number of BJ8's imported into Australia over 
the past few years
( We still have only approx. 300  hundred including my car according to 
Patrick Quinn's records )
and only 8 were originally imported this has now come to a grinding halt due 
to the devaluation
of the Australian $ which is only equivalent to about $0.75 US

In fact the worm has turned as a few days ago I was in at the Healey Factory 
and they were
converting a BN2 with some 100M add-ons  back to left hand drive for re 
export to a buyer in the
USA. Go figure that


Graeme  Molony
( BJ8  29 yrs )
Mt. Martha

Email; molony at dodo.com.au
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There are dealers similar to Beverly Hills Car Club, Gullwing Motor Cars,
etc. and individuals in countries such as The Netherlands
(www.stolzeclassiccars.nl), France (www.themotorsgallery.com), Scandinavia,
UK (www.murrayscott-nelson.com), and Australia that are importing the cars
for sale.  From what I've seen, a high percentage of the BJ8s that are for
sale on the dealer websites and on eBay turn up later in those places.
While researching for this response, I learned that even the Rolls Healey
4000 that resided in North Carolina for a few years has now appeared at The
Healey Factory in Melbourne.

Beverly Hills Car Club has made it a bit more difficult to track them lately
because they have quit advertising the VINs of the cars they have for sale.
Not surprising, after they lost that BJ8 to Bob Russell 42 years after it
was stolen from him.

Steve Byers
BJ8 Registry
AHCA Delegate at Large
Havelock, NC  USA

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Where are they going? I know that some go back to the UK......

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