[Healeys] follow up on emails of buyers

Larry Varley varley at cosmos.net.au
Sat Feb 14 16:23:39 MST 2015

When it comes to Australia, I think the importation of Healeys is coming 
to an end, as we have seen the Australian dollar drop from parity with 
the USD to under 0.80 cents and it will probably go to 0.75. This makes 
importing cars that cost much the same in both countries too expensive 
to import. I fact what we are seeing here now is a trend where buyers 
will purchase the car here, have it restored, and shipped out. There are 
at least 2 I know of being restored here in Melbourne at the moment for 
overseas customers, and probably more will follow with the favourable 
cost of having a quality restoration done here. In regard to BJ8's I 
believe only about 8 ( Patrick Quinn would know the exact number ) were 
ever bought into Australia as new cars, now we have hundreds, so I 
imagine we can afford to loose a few of them :)
Larry Varley

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