[Healeys] Tires (Oh, No! Not again)

Michael Oritt michael.oritt at gmail.com
Thu Feb 12 05:09:08 MST 2015


Another alternative, if an expensive one, is the Michelin XAS in 180-15.  I
sprung for some several months ago to replace a dated set of XZX's.

They feel and look great.

Best--Michael Oritt

On Thu, Feb 12, 2015 at 12:54 AM, Len and/or Marge Hartnett <
thehartnetts at earthlink.net> wrote:

> Yes, again.  I have been searching availability of Vredestine tires.  They
> have been the last two sets on my car.  The first set was replaced due to
> age, not lack of tread.  When I purchased the current set, one was bad
> (pulled the car right or left depending which side it was mounted on) and
> had to be exchanged.  There was no problem getting the replacement tire.
> Now, after six years, one of them developed a large blister in the
> sidewall.  I am reluctant to use Vredestein again as it would appear that
> the quality may be declining.  An e-mail on The List a few years ago
> indicated that ownership has gone from the Netherlands to Russia to India
> even though manufacture may still be in the Netherlands.  My research shows
> that Vredestines are getting harder to find and the price has gone up
> considerably in six years.
> Two tires have been suggested as possible alternatives.  I would
> appreciate any comments, pro or con, on the the following tires:
> Hankook 175/65R-15 H426
> Toyo 175/65R-15 84H Ultra Z-900 all season BW
> (The Other) Len
> Fairfield, CA, USA
> 1967 AH 3000 MkIII, HBJ8L39031
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