[Healeys] Tires (Oh, No! Not again)

Oudesluys coudesluijs at chello.nl
Thu Feb 12 01:36:34 MST 2015

The problem you had with these Vredestein tires have been typical for 
them for years, also ask many TR6 owners. Some tires were good but 
others had some fault from the beginning or developed some later. A 
friend of mine had several replaced by the seller. No way of telling 
when new. Something to do with sidewall construction I was told many 
years ago. The firm is owned by Apollo India but the head office is 
still in the Netherlands. Manufacture of their original main business, 
bicycle tires, has moved to India years ago but some car tires may still 
be manufactured here and the rest is made under the Vredestein or Apollo 
brand in India and Thailand.
Forget the Hankooks, most of them are awfull and only very recently they 
score a bit better in tests for some modern sizes. Toyo is a very decent 

Kees Oudesluijs

Len and/or Marge Hartnett schreef op 12-2-2015 om 6:54:
> Yes, again.  I have been searching availability of Vredestine tires.  
> They have been the last two sets on my car.  The first set was 
> replaced due to age, not lack of tread.  When I purchased the current 
> set, one was bad (pulled the car right or left depending which side it 
> was mounted on) and had to be exchanged.  There was no problem getting 
> the replacement tire. Now, after six years, one of them developed a 
> large blister in the sidewall.  I am reluctant to use Vredestein again 
> as it would appear that the quality may be declining.  An e-mail on 
> The List a few years ago indicated that ownership has gone from the 
> Netherlands to Russia to India even though manufacture may still be in 
> the Netherlands.  My research shows that Vredestines are getting 
> harder to find and the price has gone up considerably in six years.
> Two tires have been suggested as possible alternatives.  I would 
> appreciate any comments, pro or con, on the the following tires:
> Hankook 175/65R-15 H426
> Toyo 175/65R-15 84H Ultra Z-900 all season BW
> (The Other) Len
> Fairfield, CA, USA
> 1967 AH 3000 MkIII, HBJ8L39031
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