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David Porter frogeye at porterscustom.com
Sat Feb 7 07:16:27 MST 2015

..and the line about "makes a drive"  who says that?

On 2/7/2015 4:30 AM, editorgary at aol.com wrote:
> Three things are -- to me, at least -- dead giveaways that this person 
> is up to no good, one way or another.
> First, that opening line -- "I hope this message finds you well" How 
> many American speakers do YOU know who ever begin an email with that 
> salutation?
> Second, he says he's from Calif. NOBODY is from "Calif" -- anyone 
> living here would tell you immediately whether they were from SoCal or 
> NorCal.
> Third, he refers to the "British Car Club" -- I don't know of any such 
> club... Maybe there is a "Santa Cruz BCC" (At least there used to be 
> one) and there are some British Car lists, but the only "Clubs" I know 
> about are marque clubs -- If this guy was legit, I'd expect him to say 
> he was from one of the local chapters of AHCA or was in AHCUSA.
> So, each of those multiplies the probability that he is phishing for 
> some real connection to scam. (though there is still an outside chance 
> could be a recent emigre working for one of the exotic car brokers 
> (Beverly Hills, Gull Wing, Hyman, Palm Beach, etc).
> I'd dump it into the scam trash.
> /Gary Anderson/
> Editor-at-Large, Austin-Healey Magazine

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