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Sat Feb 7 04:30:48 MST 2015

 Three things are -- to me, at least -- dead giveaways that this person is up to no good, one way or another.

First, that opening line -- "I hope this message finds you well" How many American speakers do YOU know who ever begin an email with that salutation?

Second, he says he's from Calif. NOBODY is from "Calif" -- anyone living here would tell you immediately whether they were from SoCal or NorCal. 

Third, he refers to the "British Car Club" -- I don't know of any such club... Maybe there is a "Santa Cruz BCC" (At least there used to be one) and there are some British Car lists, but the only "Clubs" I know about are marque clubs -- If this guy was legit, I'd expect him to say he was from one of the local chapters of AHCA or was in AHCUSA.

So, each of those multiplies the probability that he is phishing for some real connection to scam. (though there is still an outside chance could be a recent emigre working for one of the exotic car brokers (Beverly Hills, Gull Wing, Hyman, Palm Beach, etc).

I'd dump it into the scam trash. 


Gary Anderson
Editor-at-Large, Austin-Healey Magazine

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