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This is a recurring theme. My father sold a '40 Ford pickup he had lovingly restored to original--having hot-rodded it out in his youth--to a guy who all but swore he would cherish it for himself. The guy turned around and sold the truck almost immediately for a tidy profit. Another time, Dad sold a '46 Ford coupe (sedan?) to a guy who said he was going to restore it. A couple years later the guy had the audacity to bring the car by to show it off; he had hot-rodded it and painted it yellow (not Primrose ;). Made Dad almost sick. These happened years ago; with the popularity of shows like 'Fast and Loud,' 'Car Chasers,' etc. it seems more and more people will be into the 'flipping' business. It's a legitimate business (though you have to wonder with all the 'cash' changing hands if taxes are being paid). But, it kind of rankles me because even though most of them are car-savvy all they can see is a pile of money on four wheels. 

OTOH, Dad sold a cherry '34 Ford coupe he had restored to a guy who put the finishing touches on the resto and made it a show-winner. But, I won't be surprised if, sooner or later, the car ends up with a Chip Foose wannabe who rods it out. 

Moral of the story: If you have a car to sell, sell it to the highest bidder. The guy who claims to want an Austin-Healey because his dad/grandfather/uncle had one might be lying (there's some awfully good liars out there). 


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Didn't we hear on the list several weeks ago of this same thing happening? The prospective buyer represented himself as an individual who was interested in buying a Healey for his own use, but actually was working for a dealer and trying to beat the bushes for cars to buy for resale. 

I had a phone conversation recently with a BJ8 owner who had decided to sell his car, but only to someone who would appreciate and enjoy the car as he had done. Shortly after selling to an individual who he thought met his requirements, he learned that the buyer was only a flipper and the car was on eBay within a few days of the sale. 

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