[Healeys] Anyone know either one of these guys?

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Didn't we hear on the list several weeks ago of this same thing happening?  The prospective buyer represented himself as an individual who was interested in buying a Healey for his own use, but actually was working for a dealer and trying to beat the bushes for cars to buy for resale.


I had a phone conversation recently with a BJ8 owner who had decided to sell his car,  but only to someone who would appreciate and enjoy the car as he had done.  Shortly after selling to an individual who he thought met his requirements, he learned that the buyer was only a flipper and the car was on eBay within a few days of the sale.


Steve Byers


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I think this is a scam, I have been contacted by email and phone with the same story at least 3 times over last 6 months.

Tim Davis BN7

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Same here, got same message from a Paul and that Durham recommend he contact me as well.  I sent him some info on some Healey's for sale and heard nothing back.  Must be someone phishing for some cheap Healey's.
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