[Healeys] Stripped Bolt

Peter Caldwell peter at nosimport.com
Thu Feb 5 11:27:20 MST 2015

At 10:46 AM 2/5/2015, R. Price Lindsay wrote:
>I have stripped a non-essential bolt in the 
>frame and want to replace it on my BJ8.  I 
>really don’t want to drill it out, re-tap it 
>and use a larger bolt for visual reasons.  I 
>don’t have access to a welding machine 
>(probably a good thing).  Is there a way to 
>re-fill the hole and tap it to the correct 
>size?  There could be a lot of stress on the bolt.
>Price Lindsay
>67 BJ8
A "non-essential bolt" with "a lot of stress on the bolt."


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