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Micheal, although it doesn't answer why, it does appear that there was a decision made at Austin/BMC or somewhere to do away with the hyphen, I quick perusal of ebay Austin Healey advertisement shows the hyphen in most of the fifties ads, it is gone in the sixties ads.  So it doesn't appear to be just a matter of the supplier forgetting to put it in on later pieces.

Greg Lemon  

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I think we have established that there was probably no consistent change point from hyphenated to non-hyphenated which seems to support the idea that after the decision to change was made the stock of hyphenated badges was nevertheless used until exhausted.

However my original question was not "when" but rather "why" the switch was made.  There must have been a reason for making an affirmative decision to do something and I am genuinely surprised that the reason has never been made known,

Any thoughts here?

Best--Michael Oritt

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