[Healeys] Here's a stumper.

glemon at neb.rr.com glemon at neb.rr.com
Sat Dec 19 21:57:31 MST 2015

Timing chain tensioner would be about that size, don't recall the inner workings well enough to know if it could migrate to the pan from the timing cover, it should be rubber, but could have hardened over 60 years.  Mine was gone when I took my motor apart, unless the DPO just hadn't fit one.

Greg Lemon
---- ATIGHTPROD at aol.com wrote: 
> I've got an early BN1 and from everything I know, the oil pan has never  
> been off the car. I find that hard to believe, but I have no record of it ever 
>  happening and I have receipts going back to it's first oil change. Anyway, 
>  I just took the pan off and found something very interesting, in the 
> bottom of  the pan and it was in pieces. I took it out, cleaned it off and took 
> some photos  of it to see if anyone knows what this is. Neither my mechanic 
> or I could find  anywhere it was "supposed" to go. I do know I've run more 
> than tens years with  it sitting in the bottom of the pan and never a problem.
>     It's about 5" in diameter and in-between 1/8" and  1/4"in thickness. 
> (Piston is from a BN1)  So what's the wisdom of the  court? What the hell is 
> this? Oh and it's made out of either a very hard plastic  or a bakelight like 
> material. Anybody have a guess? I'd love to hear. 
>     I'm putting everything back together and going to  drive the car, don't 
> see any reason not to, but wanted to let you take a look  and give me some 
> thoughts. Thanks in advance.
> Steven Kingsbury
> BN1 #598
> Upper left, chewed up  edge, got caught in something. Maybe that's what 
> broke it. The  remainder of it was chewed up bits in the bottom of the  pan.
> Pretty thick and very  hard. Gear teeth marks, from?  Stumper.

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