[Healeys] Was the BN4 Ever Delivered New with 4 Wheel Disc Brakes

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Fri Dec 18 13:02:27 MST 2015

Hello Tadek,
Do you have the early Dunlop disk brake setup?
When the disks getting wet and are cold you have no brakes at all first 
second you push the brake pedal.
You should keep that in mind otherwise its a pleasant surprise to you.
Same effect you have with the 100S brakes.
Disk brakes are not always better than drums.
On my Daimler SP250 I have the 4 disk brake Girling setup with BJ8 brakes 
in the front and early 3000 14 Girling brakes in the back. This is a much 
better solution.
But I also enjoy the 4 drums on my BN1. They have excellent braking power 
and I enjoy the drum brake feeling! I still think you have much better 
brake feeling with drums. Disks are like having a brake booster installed 
and its more difficult to find the right brake power and not to overbrake.


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Von: "Tadeusz Malkiewicz" <tadeusz.malkiewicz at plusnet.pl>
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Hello Josef,

Why tricky in wet?

Do you mean the front to rear in not balanced well?

I have this setup on my BN2, works ok..


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