[Healeys] New Classic Technologies Fuse Box

Jim Werner jwhlyadv at aol.com
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On my cars I install a MGB 4 fuse panel as a second panel inside the car. It is Lucas period correct and uses the same fuses. I wire driving lights, radios and lighter through that and avoid in-line fuses.

Jim Werner

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Very nice but I doubt me healey will ever get one.
San Jose
’62 BT7

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I hope you don’t mind input from a Triumph guy, but I restored a car last year which had an electric overdrive, electronic (1,2,3) ignition, an electric fan and an electric fuel pump.  On previous cars I would have daisy-chained them all into the one (non-horns) fuse in a TR3, but for this car I got a modern system (see pic) and it has worked out really well.
Just my 2 cents…
Andrew Uprichard
Still looking…….

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