[Healeys] Tyres --Rear guard clearance on a BN2

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Hi Keith,
Dunlop 48 spokes and XAS from Longstone on a 57 BN4 and the RR tyre fouls the rear arch point at the back when crossing curbs. LR has about 15mm. The RR guard has the wheel cutout about 5mm smaller and sits about 5mm further forward than the left side which means the rear tip is below the tyre tread on level ground. 

I had the arch re-rolled 5mm bigger and hopefully this will give enough clearance.

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My old 48 spoke rims have run their life , fitted with 165/80R Hancooks also past their use by date.
Updated to Dayton 60 spoke 4-1/5 rims with Michelin 180/HR XAS as recommended by Longstone Tyres UK   as closest match for Dunlop RS5.
  The Hancooks looked a bit lean in the wheel arch while the Michelins fill it out nicely.
PROBLEM  :-          The right side tyre now touches the guard bottom turn-in & the left side is just clear.                                Both rear  tyres sit just outside the guard & I am concerned that wheel travel will hit the guards.

The Daytons were purchased from the Healey Factory here in OZ & claimed to be specifically for a BN1-2.To me it looks like the rim should sit  further in ie the offset is too far out.
The rim is branded 4.5 Beadlace D2-88.
Any input would be appreciated
Keith TaylorSouthern Highlands OZ

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