[Healeys] Tyres --Rear guard clearance on a BN2

Keith Taylor ktee20 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 10 23:12:11 MST 2015

My old 48 spoke rims have run their life , fitted with 165/80R Hancooks
also past their use by date.

Updated to Dayton 60 spoke 4-1/5 rims with Michelin 180/HR XAS as
recommended by Longstone Tyres UK
   as closest match for Dunlop RS5.

The Hancooks looked a bit lean in the wheel arch while the Michelins fill
it out nicely.

PROBLEM  :-          The right side tyre now touches the guard bottom
turn-in & the left side is just clear.
                                Both rear  tyres sit just outside the guard
& I am concerned that wheel travel will hit the guards.

The Daytons were purchased from the Healey Factory here in OZ & claimed to
be specifically for a BN1-2.
To me it looks like the rim should sit  further in ie the offset is too far

The rim is branded 4.5 Beadlace D2-88.

Any input would be appreciated

Keith Taylor
Southern Highlands OZ
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