[Healeys] Empty brake/clutch reservoir

Thu Dec 3 20:46:59 MST 2015

Going back to the original question; While the brake fluid may end up in the booster, that isn't an indication that the booster is bad, but that the master cylinder is leaking back through the actuator seal. The seal has to leak before the fluid can go anywhere.

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Finished installing a PBR booster today. It seems the rebuilts don't hold up anymore. I had only been getting two years out of the last two Power Brake Exchange (San Jose) rebuilds. So I am done with stock rebuilds.
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Ive used White Post restorations several times to sleeve master or slave cylinders with excellent results, but have not tried them for a brake booster.  When my booster was on the fritz the only option were rebuild kits from an MG-C as I recall, which used the same or similar booster, but you have to cut the band off of the booster, the kits were very expensive, and results not guarenteed.  I ended up buying a PBR booster sevo from Australia amd have been very happy with it.  Had to make up new lines to and from it, whihc is easy, but its not a direct replacement.  If there are bette options today that great.  Pleas post how it works out.

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