[Healeys] Empty brake/clutch reservoir

Frank Magnusson fmags at cox.net
Tue Dec 1 18:54:42 MST 2015

Price, it probably is the main connection of the pipes at the bottom of the reservoir.  Looking at mine when I had a leakage problem, Im surprised it doesmt leak there all the time.  See if you can  find any wet areas that might give a clue where the leak or leaks are.

If it is the brake booster for the brake side, the fluid mysteriously disappears with no wet spots anywhere.  It gets sucked into the booster and then into the engine and out the exhaust.  Youll get a whiff of it on startup and a little white exhaust for a minute or so until it gets burned out the exhaust.  But if its both brake and clutch id guess it is the reservoir connection which is common to both brake and clutch.

Hope this helps,

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