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I can't tell by your pics... Is that car right hand drive? If left hand, how much clearance did you get for that rear carb and the steer tube?


On Dec 1, 2015, at 1:49 PM, Simon Lachlan wrote:

> Sorry to bomb you all out with this. Have been trying to get it to Olin but keeps getting bounced. With fewer or even without attachments.
> Simon
> Olin,
> Hi. Yes, there was quite considerable modification. But nothing too difficult.
> I went to a place nearby where they take old Jag saloons and modernize them with PI etcetc. So, they had a load of HD6s sitting around, more or less as scrap!
> 1)      I bought 3 rebuild kits from Midel  in Australia. Stripped the carbs down and rebuilt them. I was lucky; they were not worn and came out like new functionally.
> 2)      I bored(?) out the 3 inlet manifolds from 1.5” to 1.75”. Have to be careful as that’s as far as you can go. Flap wheels and a good gauge...patience and no rushing.
> 3)      I put the carbs on the manifolds and bolted them onto the engine.
> 4)      I sort of waved the original linkages at the setup to see where it wouldn’t fit and put my thinking cap on.
> 5)      I went back to the Jag shop and got a whole lot of linkage bits......a few of these, a few of those and some of the other.
> 6)      I got some brass rod that was just right for the little concertina-like link pieces.
> 7)      I was thus able to get some synchronicity/linkage.
> 8)      I was able to use the BT7 accelerator linkage.
> 9)      I was able to cobble up a choke connection for the 3 carbs, but disconnected one as it was struggling.
> 10)   I was able to use the heat shield, albeit after it was machined out.
> 11)   I was able to use the air filters (French actually). Again the back plates had to be machined out and the LHS one had to be offset.
> 12)   I was able to use 2 out of 3 of the return springs. That was plenty.
> 13)   Played around a bit, but it came right pretty easily.
> 14)   Green springs, CV needles.
> I did give it a lot of thought before and during, but it wasn’t difficult.
> Here are some pics. Quite big files so I hope they won’t stuff up your system! But, if you get them, you’ll be able to blow them up quite large for a detailed look. Also a summary posted at the time.
> If you do this conversion keep in touch.
> Now I’m into Webers.
> Do let me know how you get on....if you go for it!
> Simon

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