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Yes I have to remove the sender every two or three years to un-gum the pivot. I free the thing up with WD40 and lubricate with 3 in 1 but of course this all gets washed out by a full fuel tank. I refuse to replace the sender though.  I like to keep things original as possible. I'm not familiar with brake cleaner. Is this something that would be resistant to petrol?



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Interestingly I have just spent the morning  getting the original sender in #174 working.
The screws that secure the sender to the tank are 3BA and the ones securing the sender lid to the body are 4BA..
Also someone mentioned that on the original BN1 tank the sender mounting screws are installed in blind holes negating the need for sealing washers inter their heads. This I can confirm.
BTW if you find that the pivot shaft of the sender has become gummed up with sticky fuel residue a shot of brake clean works wonders...
Michael S
BN1 #174

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Believe our BN2 does as well, as I've tried to replace the screws and SAE don't seem to fit.


For information my BN2 petrol gauge installation which looks original has cheesehead BA screws with steel spring washers not copper washers and not the posi head screws currently being supplied as replacements.


Mike Brooks

'56 BN2



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