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John Rowe john at jtkarowe.com.au
Mon Apr 27 01:17:20 MDT 2015

Hi Bob
I used Permatex No 3 gasket cement  as well as a paper gasket. You could
probably use Stag jointing paste as both of these are unaffected by fuel.
Silicone is no good as the fuel reacts with it
John Rowe
Qld Australia

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We have a small problem with our BN2: we can't get the sender unit to 
completely seal against the tank.  We've tried all types of materials; 
inc. the Moss rubber-like gasket, paper gasket material, cork, etc.  
This is a new tank and the flange around the opening isn't as robust as 
on an original tank, and the flange on the sender has been warped 
somewhat, probably by over-tightening.  The best result has been from a 
cork gasket my dad fabricated, but it still seeps a little with a full tank.

Any suggestions?

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