[Healeys] Spark plug color - what do you think

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Sat Apr 25 21:36:44 MDT 2015

Assuming left->right = 1->6, I'd say the rear carb is perfect and the center carb may be just a tad lean, but overall excellent results. How's the compression? 

BTW, I got to see John's car yesterday--it's a stunner. 


ps. John, I do have the water pump impeller and body. 

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I just pulled my spark plugs to check the gap and color. After 4000 miles I think they are great. I did not have to clean or gap them. 

The color was the same on all plugs which is a first for me, even for the ’62 BT7 I had owned in high school and college and now for my restored one. 


’62 BT7 


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