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    Bob wrote; "I thought Interstate was a good brand; I won't buy another if I can help it."

Speaking of batteries, my experience with Autozone Duralast brand has been positive. I now have them  in my daily driversand the Healey. 
 The one in the Healey was purchased 4/10/2003 and still going. I keep a trickle charger on when stored for 7 mos. and also during driving season when parked. Whether that has to do with  longevity or luck I don't know?  I also trickle charge the daily drivers if I'm away for more than a week. Newer cars drain fast.
 I plan to replace the Healey's battery(27-DG)  this spring. Don't want to push my luck since I will be driving to Gettysburg in July for Enclave.                                         http://bestbatterytips.com/tags/who-makes-duralast-batteries/
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    An anecdote, but maybe it'll help:


    When we restored our BN2, we went back to 2x6V batteries.  We had
    intermittent starting problems; connections at the solenoid and
    elsewhere would get pistol hot.  We had fabricated our own battery
    cables--from double-ought stranded welding cable!--but my dad was
    worried our soldered connections were bad.  We often charged the
    batteries to max charge on a charger before testing the starting


    Then, one day Dad accidentally shorted out the two batteries (he's
    lucky he didn't get an explosion or splashed with acid, or both). 
    He replaced the two batteries and, lo and behold,  the big 4-cyl
    spins over better than my BJ8, and the 4 has better compression. 
    The car may sit for a couple months but always has charge for a
    start.  Bottom line: still could be the battery.


    Side note: the BN2's batteries are Interstate brand--golf cart
    batteries, actually--and so are the 3 batteries I've had in my 2008
    Mustang.  That's right, 3 batteries in 7 years; the first two both
    went almost exactly at 3 years, I expect the third to go in 3 as
    well.  These Interstates are hecho en Mexico; I wanted to buy a
    Parts+ battery but would have had to wait a day to get it and this
    car is my daily driver.  I had a Parts+ battery go 7 years in my
    BJ8; it was still cranking but was on the low end of a load test and
    I was getting ready for a long road trip.  And, it's made in the


    I thought Interstate was a good brand; I won't buy another if I can
    help it.




    On 4/16/2015 5:28 PM, John Spaur wrote:

        The pinion gear
            binds on the worm gear when is spins down and engages the
            flywheel starter gear. I can recreate on the bench. When
            this first occurred it was because the armature shaft could
            move too far forward which allowed the pinon gear to move
            too far down the worm gear. I put a thrust washer between
            the armature and the end plate (inside the motor) to limit
            the movement of the armature shaft. There was already a very
            worn steel thrust washer in that place.



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