[Healeys] S.U. carbs

Ray Juncal healeyray at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 15 11:46:56 MDT 2015

Steve    I have rebuilt these carbs already but it was mix and match from the box of eight carburetors in pieces.  I want someone who knows S.U.s to check the dash pot / piston  fit.  They may have been miss matched over the years.  Is your guy down here (L.A.) or in Paradise?  Would love to see you again if you are ever in town my guest house is open to you.Ray

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What do you need done? I just completely rebuilt the carbs on my car with the help of my mechanic here in Paradise and they came out fantastic! Of course after having rebuilt them, he helped me tune them on the car while running and along with taking apart my distributor and cleaning and rebuilding it completely, my car is now running better than ever. Quite a difference.
So bottom line, depending on what you want done, I would trust my friend Gene with anything SU. He's been working on them for almost forty-five years now. So let me know what you need and I'll see if he can do it. About time to get your cars back on the road!

On Apr 14, 2015, at 12:03 PM, Ray Juncal <healeyray at yahoo.com> wrote:

Is there a recommended S.U. carb guy on the West coast, maybe even in the L.A. area or should I ship these babies to Joe Curto on the East coast?   What say the wise ones of the list?ThanksRay Juncal
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