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HealeyRick healeyrik at gmail.com
Wed Apr 15 09:26:29 MDT 2015

Just received the email below looking to buy a big Healey.  Here's my
proposed response:

Dear David,

I am so happy to hear from you, the timing of your email could not be more
propitious. I am Prince Kufour Otumfuo the elder son of the late King
Otumfuo Opokuware II whose demise occur following a brief illness. Before
the death of my father, King Otumfuo Opoku ware II, I was authorised and
officially known as the next successor and beneficiary of my father's
property according to African Traditional rite.  Included in his property
was an Austin-Healey, which I know very little about.  I have, however
attached a picture.  It is quite useless to me and I would merely like to
dispose of it as quickly as possible for $5,000 USD.  We can complete the
transaction through eBay under their Vehicle Purchase Protection Program
since they offer the highest rate of safety and reliability during online
transactions.  If you are interested  in this purchase, please contact me

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I am looking to buy an Austin Healey, i will prefer the Big Healey models.


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