[Healeys] Carmine Red vs Reno red

Chris Scholz drscholz at visioncenterpc.com
Fri Apr 10 08:02:14 MDT 2015

I am ready to paint my '59 BN4 here in Iowa.   It will be red with english white coves.

Having trouble deciding between Carmine Red and Reno Red.   Carmine Red is my first choice and it looks good with the old english white accent.

The Reno red is more maroon and goes well with the original dark red leather seats with white piping.  The interior is in great condition and I wasn't planning on changing the interior, except for the carpet.  I will be buying new carpet either from Moss or Heritage.

My question is matching the interior and exterior---the carmine red may clash a little with the dark red seats.   Although, I see many Carmine red Healeys with dark red seats.  

Any opinions?   Maybe the best option is to paint the car Carmine red since it looks the best, and if the interior clashes something fierce, I can always recover the seats and dash.  The expenses keep going up!

Chris Scholz
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