[Healeys] Cheaper Hardtops

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Thu Nov 20 11:09:45 MST 2014

The fiberglass is perhaps the easiest part to produce. If it is for a
roadster the aluminum trim across the front, around the side curtains, around
the rear window & across the rear shroud are all part of what makes it look
"proper". And then there is the two vertical supports in the rear window, the
weather seals, the headliner, the latches & hold down bolts & brackets & rear
Plexiglas. If it is for a convertible it might be a little easier, but I am
not sure it will be cheaper, except for the shipping cost savings. What does
it cost to ship one from England?
Gary Hodson
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From: HealeyRick healeyrik at gmail.com

I've been talking with a fiberglass
Cobra replica body maker about
producing factory style Healey hardtops here in
the states in order to
bring the cost of importing one from the UK down.  I
don't know if this is
a realistic project and would appreciate any input on
how many people would
be interested, what model and what you'd be willing to
pay for a quality
reproduction?  Of course I'll be interested in any other
opinions about
this possible project.

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