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There are two means of correcting the excessive oil vapor.  The first is to
replace the rear main oil seal.  This will stop/reduce the oil leak there.
I am told this can only be done with the engine out of the car.  If you
replace the rear main seal, you will still have vapors in the rocker
cover.  The PCV valve step will solve the rest of the problem.

For the other means of solving the problem, first check the oil hole on the
rocker shaft, with the valve cover off, the engine warm and at about 2,500
- 3,000 RPM.  There should be nothing but "seepage" along the shaft at each
rocker.  If there is spouting oil from the oil hole, the rocker needs to be
redone.  This oil spouting produces a larger amount of vapor inside the
rocker cover.

Once you determine the condition of the rocker shaft, then you can deal
with the vapors.  You must install a PCV valve, in the proper vacuum flow
orientation.  If it is the incorrect type of PCV valve, it will not work as
needed.  I cannot remember the NAPA part number but it is a type 1,
Connect the hose from the PCV valve to the intake manifold.

If the correct PCV valve is properly installed, the PCV valve draws the
vapor from the rocker cover when there is low rpm (idle equals higher
vacuum, that is when the PCV is open) and does not draw fumes when the
vacuum is low (higher rpm equals lower vacuum, that is when the PCV valve
is closed).  This will eliminate the rear oil seal leak.  This will
eliminate/drastically reduce the oil leak even if you do not replace the
rear main seal.

I completed this installation a number of years ago and it works just as I
have explained.  No leaks, drips or errors (sic).  No oil in the under hood
area or under the car or on the floor.  And, the car runs just as it did
before the PCV valve installation.

I don't know about the BCS kit, but the operation of the valve is explained
in Norm Knock's manual.

The filter on the "T" will clog quickly and the oil will then start to leak.


On Wed, Jul 2, 2014 at 12:32 PM, I Erbs <eyera3 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Howdy all,
>  I put a K&N vent filter on the T pipe on top of my valve cover. I have
> expereinced a lot of oil mist condensation all over the engine bay. Good
> news, nothing will rust, bad news I have oil all over the engine bay. Is
> this due to high crankcase pressure or is this a normal, negative
> consequence? The filter looks great, but the oil is a  major issue. I have
> aftermarket K&N filters with no hose nipple to attach to the air filter. Am
> I special or have other dealt with this issue?
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