[Healeys] Handling Book (not specifically Healey)

Wilko2 e-wilkins at cox.net
Tue Nov 26 16:00:15 MST 2013

The bit about the anti sway bars is right on the money. I bought one of their
7/8" bars for my car and it sure took care of the body roll.


On Nov 26, 2013, at 2:19 PM, John Sims wrote:

> I received permission from the publisher to put this book on my site. It is
> on the technical page, suspension section. It is a pdf of 96 pages. Long
> read but very interesting. Mention is made of Austin Healeys about halfway
> through the text. While it is available on Amazon you can print it from my
> site for free (or a bottle of Tanquerey if you ever get in my
> neighborhood!!!)
> John Sims, BN6
> Aberdeen, NJ
> www.healey6.com

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