[Healeys] Aluminum Healey Found - 2nd try to post...

Wilko2 e-wilkins at cox.net
Sat Nov 9 09:28:00 MST 2013

Maybe a Ruddspeed car?

On Nov 9, 2013, at 7:08 AM, Scott Willis wrote:

> A Nashville friend who collects Jags and races MGAs called to ask me about
> fully aluminum bodied Healey he found in another state that he is
> in buying. The motor is out but with the car.
> The owner said there were only 3 made and he's asking a lot so I assume
> he knows what he has.
> I have not heard of any fully aluminum cars that were built that late in
> game.
> I told him it must have been a competition car. That's all the info I have.
> He's calling back to see if he can get more but the owner is elderly and
> communication is tough. His wife is relaying the info.
> Have any of you heard of full aluminum bodied cars in 59?
> Thanks,
> Scott Willis
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