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I, too, enjoy the historical articles more than the "social" ones. But I'm
sure there are plenty of club members that like to see coverage of events they
weren't able to attend.  Being an editor of these publications isn't easy. 
Trying to find enough new content to fill the pages can be a struggle.

really liked the Graham Robson series of inside views of the industry during
the period.  One thing that was like fingernails on a chalkboard to me,
though, was the reference to "Sterling" Moss in the Kent Emigh article.  Don't
know if it was the author or the editor that failed to get "Stirling" right, 
but that error always bothers me like almost as much as seeing the cars
referred to as "Austin-Healy".

All in all, though, it's still a good day when
a new Healey magazine shows up in the mailbox and I'm happy to get them.


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Healey Magazine

This month's AH Magazine really knocked my socks off. The
Louise King article really did answer a lot of questions and things the 50's
Indiana dealer said mean I have to contact him concerning North American 100S
In contrast the Marque was quite boring. 100% pictures of people I
don't know. Seems like it should have been a Conclave supplement to a normal
issue to me.
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