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G'day Ken

Pleased you liked the Louise King article.

It has always interested me why there should be two photos of her in DMH's
book so I did a little digging around and found out that she is still very
much with us and living in Florida. So I made contact with her church and
she wrote back to me. We then made a time for a phone interview which went
very well and I wrote the article. There is also a bit of information out
there on her from when she was married to GP driver Peter Collins.

With that article you really have to do more than read the words. It's what
behind the words that's important.

I do not wish to become embroiled in anything between the two main US
Austin-Healey magazines as I write for both of them. It's just that the AH
Magazine approached me first when they read the article in our own Club's

Hoo Roo

Patrick Quinn
Blue Mountains, Australia

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This month's AH Magazine really knocked my socks off. The Louise King
article really did answer a lot of questions and things the 50's Indiana
dealer said mean I have to contact him concerning North American 100S
In contrast the Marque was quite boring. 100% pictures of people I don't
know. Seems like it should have been a Conclave supplement to a normal issue
to me.
Ken Freese
65 BJ8

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