[Healeys] Subject: Re: Brake hoses

Stephen Hutchings s.hutchings at rogers.com
Fri May 31 12:42:59 MDT 2013

Since I don't have my car here and I'd like to order the stainless 
braided brake hoses, does anyone have the specs for the threads, etc. 

Stephen, BJ8

>I am really shocked to see that people wait until the brake hoses 
>are in an appalling condition before they replace them. These are 
>safety items that should be thoroughly checked each year. Original 
>style rubber hoses do not last long. They can perish within 5 years. 
>Hoses as old as over 50 years can be lethal. Whenever there are 
>defects visible, even very small cracks, replace them immediately. 
>They are easy to replace and they are cheap at less than $100 for a 
>full set of stainless steel braided PTFE lines from e.g. Goodridge.
>Kees Oudesluijs
>Op 31-5-2013 19:29, mike brooks schreef:
>>Not that I am advocating using original spec hoses, but I just replaced the
>>rear hose on my 100 a few months ago, as the rubber had gone very soft. The
>>hose still had the original spiral "spring" around it. I suspect it may have
>>been on the car since it was built, as the repro hoses I have seen don't have
>>the spring thing.
>>Mike Brooks
>>'56 BN2

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