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Here's a recent example of a Porsche driver who relied on only a lap
belt and suffered serious head injuries when he struck a tree. 
http://tinyurl.com/p9oh6b4   The police cited speed as a factor, but that area
is known for moose wandering around on the highway as well.  It's a sobering
story and reminds us we take risks when driving our old cars that are more
substantial than modern car drivers.  


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[Healeys] Seat belts

When fitting seatbelts in these old cars you always
have to compromise.
Best safety is offered with fixed seatbelts, adjusted as
tight as 
possible. A 3-point harness is acceptable but 4 or 5/6 point belts
preferred. Have the lap strap as low as posible, it should be positioned
in the crease between hip and thigh, most certainly not over the 
abdomen. In
a three point harness have the buckle opening at the same 
level or max 2"
above the seat cushion. A single lap belt or a single 
shoulder strap are
totally unacceptable, they can be the cause of very 
severe head and neck

Kees Oudesluijs

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