[Healeys] Wing mirrors

Earl Kagna kags at shaw.ca
Mon May 13 16:12:18 MDT 2013

Listers:  I am currently in the throes of trying to decide which mirrors to 
use on my now back on the road BJ8.  I'm trying one of the clip-ons 
mentioned by another lister while I try and decide where to drill holes in 
my new paint job!  I don't think I like it - I have it clipped to the vent 
window glass, which precludes the opening of that vent window.  It's also a 
bit small, moves out of adjustment too easily, and is a bit too much in my 
line of sight.

Some folks here are installing the 'Lucas wing mirror' on the doors.  On the 
BJ7 - BJ8, it seems to work quite well - the outward 'crank' of the mirror 
pedestal allows the mirror to clear the vent window in any open position, 
and the tremendous adjustment available with that style of mirror head 
allows the passenger side mirror (right side for me) to be completely 
useful.  A convex mirror head can be easily installed if desired.  It's a 
matter of personal opinion, but I think that they look quite proper 
installed in the door position on the convertible Healey, whereas they look 
somewhat odd on the sidescreen car (but do allow the use of the screens).  I 
am leaning that way at this time.

Of course the downside of door mounting any mirror that secures from below - 
especially for both convertible Healeys - is that the door panels have to 
come off for installation and future maintenance.  Everyone that has ever 
owned a BJ7 or BJ8 Healey knows what a fun job that always is!

I have 'bullet' mirrors installed on my BT7 - the leading edge of the mirror 
is flush with the rear bonnet opening, and the right side mirror is 
'cranked' ever so slightly on the body to allow the mirror head to be 
adjusted to a useful position.

I can try and get photos of a BJ8 with Lucas wing mirrors mounted on the 
doors if anyone is interested.

Earl Kagna
Victoria, B.C.
BJ8, BT7 tri-carb

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Simon, the original style mirrors available from the factory were sort of
wedge-shaped (photo example attached).  I don't particularly like the way
they look since they sit high off the wing.  To me, they look more "Morris
Minor".  One advantage they have is that the support pivots on the base, so
that if the mirror is accidentally hit and moved out of position it can be
swung back in again without a lot of trial and error repositioning.

The round Lucas mirrors on the wing are one of the things that attracted me
to my BJ8 when I first saw it, because they looked "quaint" (compared to the
streamlined mirrors on cars now).  They are a real pain to keep in
alignment, especially if they sit out on the wings instead of on the doors.
I frequently brush against mine in the garage and have to reset them.

The bullet mirrors appear to be less vulnerable to inadvertent misalignment
than the Lucas type, but I still personally prefer the look of the Lucas

Steve Byers
BJ8 Registry
Havelock, NC USA

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I'm taking my 3000 over to France soonish and, as they drive on the left, I
thought that wing mirrors might be sensible. Leaving aside the perennial
"where do the wing mirrors go?", I was wondering about which type to buy.

Authenticity, period look etc...? Well, that's quite important to me, but
I'm no originality fanatic.

I've heard about so called "Lucas" mirrors per this item on eBay.....
140973830806    They look OK, a bit Morris Minor perhaps.???

Or the so called "bullet mirror" per these 140955896698?

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.


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