[Healeys] Powder on Springs

Oudesluys coudesluijs at chello.nl
Sun May 12 02:25:36 MDT 2013

These relatively low temperatures for curing the powder coat can have 
significant effect on steel springs, especially springs made from BS 
2056 En 58A/56 steel, stainless steel (n.a. in this case) and low alloy 
carbon steel are prone to this
The problem with powder coating is that the adhesion to the metal is not 
always as it should and (serious) corrosion can creep under the coating 
without you seeing it until it flakes of. Although it looks nice and 
shiny when all is OK, it just looks to perfect as it also evens out many 
original small imperfections.
I prefer the old fashioned way of primer and chassis black with the 
imperfections in the metal visible. It is also easier to de-rust and 
touch up.
Kees Oudesluijs

Op 12-5-2013 3:36, Charlie Frazer schreef:
> I was a little surprised to read the suggestion in a recent post that powder
> coating on front springs caused the springs to sag.
> Is it true that a temp as low as 400 degrees could take the temper out of
> spring steel?
> More specifically, do listers recommend against powder coating suspension
> parts such as springs and A-arms?
> Thanks,
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