[Healeys] Spring Fire in Newbury Park, California

" Just Brits " Shop shop at justbrits.com
Sat May 11 11:52:10 MDT 2013


I clicked on the Viper Discuss then clicked on their Link for Best Buy 



Then for grins clicked on 4 post lifts.  A LOT better buy IMNSVHO <G> 
! !   All ya need is a 8' ceiling
and you CAN lift only 20" or what ever the ceiling limit is.  You guys 
with 100s get even more height <BG> !

The in the future should you move or decide to "lift the garage roof" 
you have a FULL lift.

That IS what I have in mind for future (if I live that long<F>).

If yer REAL lucky and have three (3) Spridgets AND a Big Healey park 
the 3 side ways, lift, and on
'skates' put the Healey under <VBEG> ! ! !


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