[Healeys] Spring Fire in Newbury Park, California

Bert Van Brande bertvanbrande at yahoo.com
Sat May 11 10:25:56 MDT 2013

Thanks Bill,

the BN2 is back in my garage.  The other good news is I picked
up a Kwiklift 3 weeks ago.  This is a set of very heavy gauge ramps you drive
on, jack up the rear and fold out rear supports.  This brings the car 20" of
the floor or about 25" between floor and undercarriage.  I cleaned up and
re-organized my garage and put the Healy on top of the kiwklift and I love it.


Found it through craigslist.
 The seller was local to me, stopped his hotrod hobby.  He actually went out
to buy an AH 100 with his dead when he was 16 and test drove it too spirited
and as a result his dad refused to buy the car!  He arranged for a pickup
truck and delivered at my house, I guess so he could have a sneak peak at the
dream car of his youth!  I promised I'll pick him up and go for a drive when
the car is ready!

Kwiklift went out of business a year ago as they could not
compete with the cheap import products.  They had a following among Hotrodders
and Corvette owners as it could deal very well with low clearance.  Anybody on
the list familiar or using a kwiklift?   I'll need to fabricate a jack-bridge
so I can use bottle- or air-jacks to jack up the car to work on suspension and
brakes but that should not be an issue.

I already had my BMW 3 series, my
daughters 2005 Mini Cooper on there as well, the ramps are adjustable.  Fixed
a nasty oil leak on the beemer (YES!) and power steering pump/hoses on the
mini and 2 services on those cars so the ramp paid itself back multiple times

I look forward to work on interior of the Healey with the car
lifted up a bit so I don't need to crouch/stoop my 6'4" frame.


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