[Healeys] brakes

Joseph Troutwine josephtroutwine at cox.net
Fri May 3 11:03:41 MDT 2013

I had the same situation when I replaced all the lines on a muscle car I 
own.  The solution I finally found (after many other trials with 0 
results) to work was to buy a large syringe for a horse/ cow that holds 
60ml. at the local feed store ( $3 ).  I filled it with brake fluid and 
inserted the end into the brake line which I disconnected at the MC (the 
tip fit snugly).  Opened the left rear bleeder and forced the fluid 
through.  Only took one full syringe and the system was full and then I 
just bleed in normal manor with my trusty MightyVac to finish.  Worked 
for me and now I have a new "special brake tool" in the box for the future.


On 5/2/2013 2:02 PM, Mike wrote:
> Somebody tell me what I am doing wrong.  Be nice.  I had a brake fluid leak at
> a rear wheel, which I finally traced to the wheel cylinder itself.  While
> fixing this, I also rebuilt the master cylinder.  Now I am trying to refill
> the system with fluid.  It is probably completely empty by now, as the car has
> been sitting for a long time.  I am using a vacuum pump to bleed, and can get
> lots of air, but hardly any fluid at all.  The level in the m/c is not going
> down, either.  There is no bleed port on the m/c, but I just loosened the
> outlet fitting and pumped the pedal a few times; seemed to flow ok, so
> tightened it all back up.  This is a BN2.  If I'm doing something stupid, that
> is right in character.
> Mike
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