[Healeys] BN2 Interior.

Peter Svilans peter.svilans at rogers.com
Thu May 2 15:16:30 MDT 2013


The teal was yet another try at getting an interior colour that closely goes
with the exterior colour.  A Healey blue-grey car looks terriffic with the
near-matching teal interior, in the same way as a Colorado red car goes well
with the familiar blood red colour. Not an exact match, but "tones" well
making a pleasing, subtle combination, not a sharp contrast.

Previously they had tried it with a special Florida Green 100M with a matching
Florida Green leather interior (Beautiful ! Piggott book p.96) and would later
try it with a yellow leather interior to match the Primrose yellow exterior on
the early sixes. The Reno Red cars were offered ONLY with a red interior
according to my copy of the factory color chip card, and these two darker reds
were closely matched in tone as well. (I know, the Guidelines say also black
interiors, but not on this card).


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