[Healeys] 100 Service Manual trivia query

robert westcott 55healey at comcast.net
Wed May 1 10:36:38 MDT 2013

HI Mike,

My manual is:     977 (no suffix) printed July 54.

It has a supplement  called " AUSTIN - HEALEY HUNDRED  (MODEL B.N.1)   SPECIAL

It could have been added by the owner.  (he signed it and recorded the 3,
100's  chassis numbers of the cars he bought).

Major Ralph OBennitt  ((difficult to read his script)

1954  	152757	Black
1954	152000	Tan & Red
1955	222076	white

20 pages:  Publication No. 1131   printed in England by James Upton Ltd.,
Birmingham.  No date.

It has sections A - I  detailing the Le Mans Engine Modification Kit, Part No.

Cover picture is a Healey blue 100 circling a banked track (possibly
Back cover has the old Austin flying "A" printed in light blue.

No date.


On Apr 30, 2013, at 3:04 PM, "Mike" <phoenix722 at comcast.net> wrote:

> Is there such a thing as a supplement for the M?  I would doubt it,
but.........  And, what would be in it?  Maybe just a flyer-type publication.
> Mike
> BN2

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