[Healeys] Tech Tip Article on Ring & Pinion installation?

Larry Varley varley at cosmos.net.au
Wed Jan 9 23:22:31 MST 2013

Hi Ron, If you are using the Lempert gears, having just completed doing 
2 of these I can tell you that you only need to follow the instructions 
in the Healey workshop manual. The tolerances were excellent and only 
took a little adjustment of the pinion preload shims, which was expected 
with new bearings etc. Backlash was spot on without adjustment of the 
spacers, and one of the 2 is now in a friends BJ8 and working fine. The 
one for my car will take a little longer to see any use, lol

On 10/01/2013 6:30 AM, Ron Mitchell wrote:
> Does anyone have a copy of Don Lenschow's article titled "Installation of new 3.55 gears into a Healey Differential".
> It is listed on the North Texas AHC Web Site Tech Tips page but doesn't come up when I click on the link.
> Ron Mitchell
> BN7
> BN6
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