[Healeys] BN1 on eBay

Michael Salter michaelsalter at gmail.com
Fri Nov 30 15:13:03 MST 2012

> Interesting car and and from what I can see the quality of the restoration
> work appears to be very good..
> Some unusual and possibly incorrect items I noted are:
The bonnet (hood) appears to be from a 100S as it has the lightened frame
> and louvers for a bonnet strap.
> An ammeter has been fitted
> The alignment of the cockpit trims at the front of the left door leaves
> something to be desired.
> Incorrect radiator and heater hose clamps
> Incorrect radiator cap (should have a hollow head rivet)
> Incorrect fresh air duct
> Incorrect rocker cover nuts and washers
> Incorrect plug wire boots at the plugs
> Incorrect coil
Incorrect engine fan although I have some pics taken during its restoration
> (kindly provided by the vendor) which show the correct round end aluminum
> fan at that time.
> Chrome rather than painted wire wheels
> Later style 48 spoke wheels
> Also I'm not sure about the colour... Would like to see some original
> paint pieces as the (very rare) grey I have found is much bluer (if that is
> a word)!!
Windshield hold down springs appear to be missing.
Incorrect routing of radiator overflow tube
The heater pipe above the manifolds should be painted aluminium colour.

I don't want to appear to be overly picky but at the asking price of  #
97,500.($US156,000) I would expect the car to be correct!!

Michael Salter

                         *I have BJ8 water pump kits!!*

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