[Healeys] Girling Calipers Type 16??

Simon Lachlan simon.lachlan at homecall.co.uk
Tue Nov 27 06:05:19 MST 2012

I've been looking into putting bigger calipers onto my MkII BT7 for a while.
(My existing ones have never been 100%. So, if replacing, why not go for
something a bit bigger?)


The more I dig around on the net, the more I discover and the more confusing
it all seems. I recall being told that callipers off old small Fords have
the same distance centre to centre for the mounting bolts (3.25in) as those
on my MkII BT7.


So, which Girling am I looking for? Not 16Ps as they are 3.5in.

Or, precisely which small Fords do I need to have disinterred?

Or, which Girling 16s have 3.25 gap and ,hopefully, Imperial threads etc?


Or has anyone done it in the past and can remember exactly what he did/what
he's got on his car now he's successfully done it?


Or....any ideas...

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