[Healeys] Frogeye value

Curtis Arndt cnaarndt at gmail.com
Wed Nov 21 12:29:54 MST 2012


Frogeye's are going up in price big time.  A descent car will cost you
north of $10K and possibly double that for one that's well sorted.  John
Hardy and I just helped one of the camera guys from "Car Crazy" (they
filmed our California Healey Week at Big Bear) buy a Bugeye. You can get a
cheaper one but expect to do a lot of work to make it run reliably.

Both my wife and I had Sprites as our first cars.  Our current Bugeye is a
55K very original mile survivor that while it smokes a bit, still has 75
psi oil press on start up, and all of its original parts to include the
rubber floor mats in lieu of carpet.


Carlsbad, CA
'55 BN1, '60 AN5 :{)

On Tue, Nov 20, 2012 at 7:04 PM, Greg Lemon <glemon at neb.rr.com> wrote:

> My brother bought a bugeye looking somewhat similar to this a couple years
> ago, in this case from the original owner, in storage since the early 70s,
> ran when parked, solid floors and rockers, couple bubbles on the rear
> wheelarches.  All there and very original (except a period Ansa or Stebro
> (can't remember) exhaust.  He bought it for his son and they are restoring
> it together.  Pretty cool deal all around.
> He paid $2000 or maybe a couple hundred more, but a totally different type
> of sale, word of mouth, other side of the pond, private party sale.
> It seems like the collector car business is hot right now, e-bay and the
> televised auctions on cable all the time, giving collector cars more
> exposure and making them easier to find and the coming of age of the car
> crazy boomers with disposable income despite a somewhat stagnant economy
> have something to do with it in my guestimation.
> So I think the market in general is going up, especially some of the cars
> that didn't climb so fast in the mid to later part of the 2000s, TRs and
> MGs, and Sprites (vs. the Jags and Big Healeys that did).  The oddball
> stuff like Jensen Healeys, early Fiat and Datsun roadsters and Daimler
> SP250s and whatnot  seem like they are on the rise too.
> But then again there are always deals to be had if you are in the right
> place at the right time.
> Greg Lemon
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